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Cattle producers purchase bulls on only one or a few days of the year, but the effects of their bull selection decision will last for generations within their herd.

The BullSELECT workshop is a one day workshop which covers how to use BREEDPLAN information when making selection decisions and purchasing bulls. This is achieved by a combination of easy to understand practical discussions and yard demonstrations.

Specifically, the BullSELECT Workshop will include:
• Discussion on the effective selection of breeding cattle.
• Overview of the genetic selection tools available.
• Practical demonstration of how to use EBVs and selection indexes when choosing bulls, including a mock helmsman auction.

For further information please see the BullSELECT Workshop brochure and the example BullSELECT Workshop program below.

If you would like to host a BullSELECT Workshop, please contact staff at SBTS or TBTS.

BullSELECT Workshop Brochure

BullSELECT Workshop Example Program


Upcoming BullSELECT Workshops

There are currently no upcoming BullSELECT Workshops